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Advancing Equity and Inclusion for the Neurodiverse Population

An author, neurodiversity expert, and consultant for top corporations, Haley Moss offers the unique perspective and skills of a lawyer who has autism

When Haley Moss was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at the age of three, her parents were told that she might not ever finish high school or earn a driver’s license. Today she is a lawyer, neurodiversity expert, author of four books, and consultant for top corporations and nonprofits that seek her guidance in creating a diverse workplace.

As an advocate, author, consultant, and educator, Haley raises awareness that the neurodiverse population’s wealth of talents go largely unrealized in the workplace due to prejudice, misunderstanding, and misinformation. By teaching employers best practices for hiring and supporting neurodivergent employees, and also offering advice to those in the neurodiverse community, Haley is meeting today’s great demand for skilled workers with a highly capable workforce that previously went untapped.

“I am a lawyer turned perpetual changemaker!” says Haley. “The world is a difficult place for people who are autistic, like me, or who are also neurodivergent.”

Approximately 15 to 20 percent of people are neurodivergent — having one of a collection of lifelong conditions that affect how their brains work. Neurodivergence includes autism spectrum disorders, neurodevelopmental disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and Tourette syndrome. Also included are mental health disabilities such as schizophrenia and depression, and acquired differences in the brain such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries.

In Haley’s most recent book, “Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals” (ABA Book Publishing; June 2021), she details how legal professionals can better support neurodiverse individuals. In addition to educating employers about creating a more inclusive workplace and accommodating disabled staff, through her books Haley also offers a wealth of tips for middle schoolers, college students, and young adults with ASD.

“It can be scary learning what we don't know, or realizing we've been lied to about disabiity, and are wrong about something. My job is to comfort, empower, and gently challenge,” says Haley.

A sought-after expert offering the unique perspective of a lawyer on the autism spectrum, Haley’s writing on neurodiversity issues has also been published by outlets including the Washington Post, Teen Vogue, and Fast Company.

“If all you get out of me is that once I was non-speaking and now I'm a lawyer, I failed,” says Haley. “That is not what I want you to walk away with. I want you to walk away feeling empowered. I want you to walk away thinking that you actually can make the world a more inclusive and accessible place for neurodivergent and disabled people.”

Creating and Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

As a neurodiversity expert and consultant, Haley works with top companies and nonprofit organizations to guide them in hiring practices and management that includes and serves the neurodivergent population. She offers the unique expertise of an accomplished lawyer who herself has autism.

“A lot of people see diversity and inclusion as a checkbox,” says Haley. “We may think that once we give somebody who is neurodivergent or disabled a job that our work is done. That is just the beginning.”

Haley works to help businesses develop policies, management structures, and accommodations so that they don’t only hire a neurodiverse staff, but retain disabled employees. “People want careers. They do not just want a job. People want to feel valued and respected and loved for who they are,” she says.

Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals

Haley’s book “Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals” offers an in-depth exploration of how to build a more inclusive legal culture. Haley details how to better appreciate and accommodate neurodivergent professionals, as well as witnesses, and other disabled individuals who may interface with lawyers. This comprehensive and insightful guide covers topics including:

The language of neurodiversity and disability
Unlearning bias and discrimination
Neurodiverse law students
Recruitment of neurodiverse lawyers and staff
Navigating successful disclosure for all
Neurodivergent and taking the stand

The Young Autistic Adult’s Independence Handbook

Moving away from home for the first time as a young adult can be a struggle for anyone, but it is an especially challenging time for those with ASD. Haley’s book “The Young Autistic Adult’s Independence Handbook” (Jessica Kingsley Publishers; November 2021) offers neurodivergent-friendly tips, support, and advice from autistic people for young adults who are stepping into the world on their own for the first time. Topics covered include:

The myth of “Do it All Yourself”
Monitoring your mental health
Coping with massive life changes and stressful events
The sensory-overwhelming grocery store and other errands
Money matters: Responsibility and not going broke
Being an effective self-advocate

“We’re often thrust into autistic adulthood with little expectation of how to manage our neurodivergent identity — we’re told there is a very specific, neurotypical lens that we must follow to be successfully independent, responsible, dependable, well-adjusted, healthy, social, and law-abiding,” says Haley. “However, there is no one specific way to be any of those things, and society does not often consider the way autistic people move throughout the world.”

Guiding Young People With Autism Through Life’s Changes

Through her talks, articles, and books, Haley guides young people with autism through life’s changes. In addition to “Great Minds Think Differently” and “The Young Autistic Adult’s Handbook,” Haley’s author credits include the books “Middle School — The Stuff Nobody Tells You About: A Teenage Girl With High-Functioning Autism Shares Her Experiences,” (AAPC Publishingl March 2010): and “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Jessica Kingsley Publishers; October 2014).

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